I.V.F and I.U.I


Many couples today are employing the assisted reproductive therapies (ART) of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intra Uterine Injections (IUI). A common and effective practice of is to have an acupuncture treatment immediately before and immediately after IVF or IUI. Studies have shown this practice to increase the number of resulting pregnancies by nearly 50% as compared to IVF treatments that did not employ acupuncture.

It all started when a German study was published in Fertility & Sterility, a well respected infertility journal that included over 150 women undergoing IVF. The study showed conclusively that the use of Acupuncture before and after fertilized embryo transfer (42.5% success rate) had a significantly higher success rate than a normal transfer without Acupuncture (26.3% success rate).

In the years since that study, similar ones have been done in Denmark, Colorado and China and all have shown not only this approximate 15-20% boost in pregnancy rates, but that it lasts all the way through the pregnancy.

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Acupuncture and IVF

ART is very expensive and emotionally draining. By contrast, Acupuncture treatment alone is a fraction of the cost and generally promotes good emotional health. Given that stress alone can be a significant roadblock to getting you pregnant, it is recommended that couples try Acupuncture for several months before even trying assisted reproductive therapies.

If you have already begun ART treatments, you should begin your course of Acupuncture therapy right away. This will ensure the significant emotional and financial investment you’ve made in your IVF therapy is given the best possible landscape for success.

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