redcapeIf you are trying to get pregnant or are looking to optimize your vitality, a regular menstrual cycle is vital for a healthy, long life.

A cycle that is regular (approx 28 days) with an adequate flow without discomfort indicates that blood production and circulation are healthy.

Acupuncture, herbology and nutrition as well as lifestyle changes can assist in alleviating  Menstrual issues along with additional concerns like endometriosis, uterine fibroids and cysts.

PMS, breast tenderness, cramping, clotting, mild depression, fatigue, low libido, migraines and abdominal bloating, short cycle, long cycle, painful cycle,  should NOT be part of your monthly ritual. There is no need to silently suffer with the thought that, “I always had these symptoms”

The true strength of Chinese Medicine is internal medicine.  The oldest known medical book in the world is, “The Yellow Emperor’s Guide to Internal Medicine.” Menstrual Issues have been successfully treated by Acupuncture and Herbology for over 2500 years.  By incorporating and understanding genetic issues, external pathogens, organ relationships, lifestyle, diet and emotions, Chinese Medicine treats the whole person.

Come in for an evaluation and change your life in a healthy, natural way.