Polarity Therapy was created by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND. Dr. Stone spent his life in constant study and Polarity Therapy was the cumulative result of that search. Polarity Therapy primarily combines the energetic understandings
of Ayurvedic Medicine with Osteopathic, Chiropratic and Naturopathic Medicine.

A practitioner may utilize: bodywork / manual therapy, diet therapy, exercise / yoga therapy and self -awareness techniques.

Polarity Therapy’s foundation stems from the understanding of life energy and energetic anatomy. Combining the chakra system with currents and flows that move through the body. Inhibition of this movement can result in issues at the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical levels. Polarity maps the correlation and connections between these levels. (see picture)

Bodywork may vary from light touch, such as cranial sacral therapy to more invasive deep tissue releases. Many of the Techniques stem from Osteopathy and Chiropractic with the added awareness of life energy and energetic anatomy.

For more information check APTA: American Polarity Therapy Association