neck-massageTui Na, which literally translates to “push / pull,” is a name for Chinese Medical massage. It is a form of manual therapy that is part of Chinese Medicine and is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herbology


Tui Na is basically the massage therapy of China.  Most cultures have developed some form of  massage therapy.  Tui Na uses the same Chinese Medical energetics that are known to Acupuncturists.  Through kneeding, prodding, pinching, rolling and manipulating a practitioner aims to create movement, circulation and bring about harmony, thus alleviating pain.

The Tui Na technique itself has evolved over a 3700 year period, dating back to 1700bc. It is a precursor of many manually therapy schools including Swedish Massage.

Tui Na is occasionally combined with your Acupuncture Treatment