The Following Herbs can only be purchased through Jeff Jacob at the office and not online.The Kit includes the following and be purchased separately, or as a whole for $50
herbs2_tn Yin Qiao loose herb bag (with ban lan gen)
This is a well know formula for the common cold. In Chinese medicine the formula helps to clear wind-heat. Ingredients are:

Jin Yin Hua
Jie Geng
Bo He
Jing Jie
Lu Gen
Ban Lan Gen
Lian Qiao
Niu Bang Zi
Dan Dou Chi
Dan Zhu Ye
Gan Cao
sang_ju_yin_tn Sang Ju Yin  loose herb bag (with ban lan gen)
This formula aids in Common Cold with a Cough

Sang Ye
Lian Qiao
Jie Geng
Lu Gen
Sang Bai Pi
Ban Xia
Ju Hua
Bo He
Xing Ren
Gan Cao
Zhi Mu
Ban Lan Gen
yinqiao_tn Yin Qiao Box
Pills for the well know common cold formula. Not as strong as looseherbs and powder but it is convenient
isatis_tn Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) Granule
Box of individual packets of Granule Ban Lan Gen

NOTE: Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) is available as both a powder and tincture. It traditionally clears cold from the Lung, Stomach and Heart and was used for Sore Throats and toxicity. It is now one of the most popular herbs used in China due to it’s amazing anti-viral and anti-inflammatory functions, antimicrobial, and immunostimulatory effects. It was used extensively during the SARS breakouts. It is used for Prostate Cancer, Leukemia, as well as respiratory diseases. The link below is from Memorial Sloane Kettering Website.

tincture_tn A choice of one of the following bottles:

Yin Qiao tincture
8oz tincture of the well know common cold formula

Sang Ju Yin tincture
8oz tincture to aid in Common Cold with a Cough

Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) tincture
8oz tincture of the well known anti-viral herb to assist in Common Cold and Flu